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ERP Software and the selection process: The line of business behind ERP success?
Wednesday February 6, 2013

An ERP system, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, is the backbone of an organisation. It contains all the information needed to make key decisions. However it is not just the directors at the top that need to use the software to run the business.

In fact it is the line of business that will be using the software on a daily basis, so just how much of an influence do end users have on the ERP selection process?

ERP Selection Process: Consult the line of business

According to latest research by Aberdeen Group, 78% of best in class organisations are involving the line of business in the selection of ERP Software. However, the best performing organisations are also 43% more likely to hold the line of business accountable for the ongoing success of ERP.

So what are the best in class organisations getting out of involving the line of business in the on going running of ERP?

85% of Best in class organisations that are involving the line of business are getting an ERP solution that is aligned fully with business processes and objectives. Interestingly enough 82% of businesses had dedicated and allocated resources throughout the ERP implementation process.

When implementing Sage 300 ERP we are finding regularly that businesses are placing more trust in the line of business to select and work with the ERP solution. Implementing an ERP system, such as Sage 300 ERP, is a big commitment from an organisation and requires careful consideration.

In choosing to consult with your line of business you will have a far greater understanding of daily processes throughout your organisation and be able to ensure that these are accounted for in your new ERP software such as Sage 300 ERP.

Written by David Weaver at 00:00