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Sage 200 and Sage 300 BI – ERP’s genius brother?
Monday July 22, 2013

Aberdeen Group survey highlights how an ERP system without BI (Business Intelligence) provides organisations with “too much data, not enough information”. Sage 200 and Sage 300 are ERP systems that both come with Business Intelligence Integrated.


A key finding of the Aberdeen Report titled ERP and BI in the SMB also discovered that those organisations with both ERP and BI experienced a 20% decrease in time-to-decision due to increased analysis.


Around 75% of best in class companies who took part in the research had an ERP system implemented. However without an integrated BI solution, can the organisations protect and ensure the best return on their investment?


46% of those organisations studied confirmed that without BI a large percentage of their data wasn’t being used for analysis and 42% had to make some of their decisions based on intuition rather than actual organisational data.


The report goes on to identify that those organisations that have ERP and BI integrated are 73% more likely to be able to carry out on demand forecasting for better strategic business planning.


Sage ERP solutions such as Sage 200 and Sage 300 ERP with Business Intelligence facilities deliver effective analytical tools to help your organisation benefit from informed decisions and the capability to run forecast scenarios within a few clicks.


If you would like to see a Demo of Sage 200 or Sage 300 with Business Intelligence, contact us on 01268 724005.

Written by David Weaver at 00:00