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Sage 200 Online Launches: are you ready to capture the Cloud?
Tuesday July 2, 2013

Sage UK formally unveiled the new Sage 200 Online offering, at the Cloud World Forum on the 26th and 27th June 2013, which delivers a new range of choice in terms of deployment and payment options.

We recently introduced the Cloud version of Sage 200 and announced that the solution would be launching imminently and we are pleased to share more details on the Sage 200 solution.

Sage 200 Online Launched by Sage at Cloud World Forum

Sage 200 Online is a Cloud based accounting solution developed on the Windows Azure platform, aimed at organisations with 20-200 employees and offers the advantage of access anytime, anywhere through a monthly subscription model.

A core initiative at Sage is the drive to utilise a network of Sage approved developers such as Oakley to provide richer functionality to the Sage core offering and on that note Sage 200 Online has not been created without Sage approved developers in mind.

Stuart Lynn, CTO and CIO for Sage UK made specific mention of the Sage developer community: “We’ve got a large developer ecosystem and it was important to take them with us,” he said. “We can support them with the compatibility of the cloud product.”

Sage 200 Online strengthens the current range of cloud based Sage products, which includes Sage CRM (customer relationship management system), SagePay and SageOne for small businesses.

“Taking a desktop product and making it a cloud service without all the functionality was a big concern for us, and we had to make sure we built with the right partner, which is where Azure comes in,” he said, adding that he expects the apps developers to concentrate their efforts on the cloud rather than in-premise version from now.

Sage 200 Online brings with it a new pay as you go approach, with Sage 200 Online users able to choose modules that are relevant, and eliminate unnecessary cost on unused resources, and to add and remove users to respond to fluctuations in demand.

Sage 200 2013 – Time for choice and flexibility

Sage 200 2013 also welcomes an updated version of Sage 200 with the choice to deploy the solution on premise with a monthly subscription or the traditional choice of purchasing the software upfront.

For more information on Sage 200 Online, Sage 200 On Premise or Sage 200 On Premise Monthly Subscriptions, contact Oakley on 01268 724005.

Written by David Weaver at 00:00