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Sage 200 October Add-on of the Month – Stock Plus
Thursday October 24, 2013

A common topic of discussion in the business world is how we can work smarter to improve profitability. To achieve this tight Stock and Warehouse management is vital to increase productivity and efficiency. 

Stock Plus for Sage 200 extends and enhances the stock management software in Sage 200, to provision management of large numbers of variant stock items.

Integrate Stock Plus with Sage 200 for a comprehensive retail/wholesale stock management system to gain full control over your merchandise. So whether you are looking to tighten stock control, keep track of barcoding, or run promotional pricing…Sage 200 Stock Plus will help.


Created around 4 central areas, Stock Plus is split into key focuses around Barcoding, Promotional Pricing, Stock Matrix and Warehouse Replenishment.


Stock Matrix enables you to record items into 3 specific dimensions, for example colour, size and style. The matrix employs a grid style screen to allow for rapid creation of variant stock items in the required dimensions. This means at the click of a button, hundreds of stock items can be created in different combinations.


Stock Plus allows for multiple stock items to be transferred easily from one stock location to another. The standard functionality in Sage 200 only allows for one item to be done at a time and assumes the transfer has already taken place. Stock Plus breaks down the process into quick and efficient stages, by the following actions: Store/branch requests stock from a different location e.g. head office. This step allows for the request to be printed out. Head office reviews the request & creates a transfer. Branch records that the items requested have been received.


Barcoding in Stock Plus allows each stock item to be set up with multiple unique barcodes, either to be used purely for printing purposes or in conjunction with a handheld device. The barcodes can be managed in such a way that manufacturer/supplier codes can be transferred into the system, and then related to the internal stock codes.


Promotional Pricing enhances the standard Sage 200 Price Book module and facilitates quick creation and accounting for various pricing bundles such as 3 for 2.


If you would like to find out more about our Sage 200 Add-on of the Month Stock Plus, get in touch with us on 01268 724005.

Written by David Weaver at 00:00