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Sage 200 Online – Is it right for you?
Friday April 25, 2014

The availability of online software solutions combined with the subscription based model has changed the way we view business. It has helped break down the barriers to smaller businesses and provided access to many mid market software solutions. Online is not just for small business though, with larger companies exploring every angle and coming to a decision which makes the most business sense to their operations. The same is true of ERP. While you can purchase the software outright, a key question as always ‘do I have the cash flow for an outright software purchase?’, as the one off costs can be a big outlay for some smaller businesses.

Forbes recently wrote about how cloud ERP adaption is likely to happen faster than Gartner predicts. So the question is: should you consider cloud ERP as a potential replacement for either an ageing core ERP system that is out of support or running on an old technology platform, or upgrading from a small business accounting solution to a mid-market ERP?

When you’re deciding between an on premise or a cloud based ERP, its worth looking at the benefits of both, and the financial implications of taking this on board. But remember there is no right approach with ERP to the market as a whole; it is in determining which approach offers the best value at the business level that ensures the right solution.

If you look at a Sage 200 demo you’ll find that the platform has plenty to offer. This is true both of the on premise and of the cloud based versions of Sage 200. Looking at the main differences between on premise and cloud based software is a good place to start, and it can make your decisions much easier.

On Premise

- You can choose how you pay. If you’d rather get the costs settled, you can pay the full amount up front, or take out finance. An alternative would be the monthly subscription approach (in effect you would be renting the software).

- You can keep all your data in house, meaning you know exactly who has access to it.

- If you already have an IT structure, you can have the solution set up on your servers, or we can host for you.


- If you don’t have the capital to pay upfront, Sage 200 online allows you to pay monthly instead, which in turn is easier on the purse strings.

- You can choose to use your ERP on the go, on a mobile phone or a tablet for example.

- There is the option to up or downscale your subscription based on needs, which can be more suitable for businesses with peak seasons.

- No access currently to the Integrated Business Intelligence and CRM available with On Premise

- There’s very little IT needed to support it.

- You would in effect be renting the software.

Sage 200 Online isn’t just for small businesses though as it is also ideally suited to businesses that have a more straightforward business process that doesn’t require lots of customisations and add on developments.

How safe is the cloud?

Many businesses worry that if they don’t host the data themselves it might not be as secure as they would like. In reality, all your data is stored in secure data centres which allow you to access it any time you need. Everything is automatically backed up, so you won’t have the added cost of improving your IT systems if you don’t have servers which can handle the data.

If you’re backing up your own data onsite, there is still the possibility that physical damage to the building such as a fire or a flood could result in the loss of all your valuable data.

If you’re looking for more information, still unsure whether you’d be better to buy Sage 200 Online or Sage 200 on premise, or even for a Sage 200 demo, contact Oakley ERP today and we’ll be happy to help. Sage 200 demos are only available through business partners, who will be able to arrange a demonstration in your office, at their offices or through a webinar. Typically Oakley ERP offer two hour Sage 200 demos so we can show you everything the system has to offer.

Written by David Weaver at 00:00