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Sage 200 August Add-on of the month – Barcoding for Sage 200
Thursday August 28, 2014

Barcoding for Sage 200 is our featured add-on of the month for August and further enhances the Sage 200 Suite with the ability to apply barcoding to stock items within Sage 200.


These barcodes can be used in any Stock, SOP and POP screen to easily access stock items. Barcodes can also be used within the Sage Retail environment to allow the scanning of items via scanners.

Integrated barcode aliasing transforms the Sales Order Processing screen into a true trade counter application. Screens with a stock lookup can be used with a barcode.  Barcodes are linked to stock codes via a new barcode table in the database.

The barcode management system enables easy import of barcodes into the system with use of CSV files. You can even export the barcodes back out the system directly into your Sage Point of Sale till system if required.

Barcodes can be printed from within the system directly onto labels from the barcode printing system.

Key Features of Barcoding for Sage 200

Multiple barcodes per stock item

Through an added tab onto the stock record multiple barcodes can be entered into stock items at one time. Manage the barcodes from inside the stock record and barcode management screen.

Barcode aliasing

Stock lookups in Sage 200 are aliased to the barcode(s), meaning when you enter a sales order you can type in the barcode of the item and it will automatically pick out the right stock item. You can also scan in the barcode with a standard barcode scanner and it will automatically pick up the correct stock code.

Import/export to Sage Point of Sale till

Barcoding for Sage 200 integrates with Paypoint. Click a button and send all of your barcodes from Sage 200 across to Paypoint cutting data entry in half, and eliminating errors through duplication. You can even Import Excel sheets straight into Sage 200.

Printing of barcodes

Barcode printer allows you to print barcodes directly to a label printer, all from within Sage 200. To make the process even quicker you can print multiple labels at once displaying a custom title, barcode, stock name, stock code and price.

Barcoding for Sage 200 is our featured add-on of the month and is a Sage approved third party add-on for Sage 200. For more information and to arrange a demo contact us on 01268 724005 or email


Written by David Weaver at 00:00