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Business Growth Part 3: Keeping The Lines Of Communication Open
Thursday February 27, 2014

In the earlier parts of this series we discussed some of the problems which you might experience as your business grows and how Sage 200 can help your company run more smoothly through its business intelligence module.

Sage 200 is a more complete solution than you might have used previously and it links in the departments of your company with your customers through its state of the art Sage CRM.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. These are tools designed to streamline your processes and make it simpler to run your business more effectively across different departments. Primarily CRM is designed to improve customer service by giving your sales, marketing and any staff involved with customer relations the information they require to complete their job effectively. You can purchase Sage CRM separately, but you can also get a version of it included and fully integrated with the Sage 200 suite. Your sales and marketing teams in particular will benefit from the increased usability of the system, but you will also find you can utilise it in other areas. 

The features of a CRM include:

- Keeping track of communications

- Identifying leads

- Collecting and analysing data

- Cross referencing and collating data for mailings

- Reporting

- Mobile access

Combined, these elements allow greater visibility across the different departments in your business, allowing improved customer relations, and as a result, better retentions as well as cross selling.


Sage CRM Marketing allows you to establish full marketing campaigns and more importantly, track the return on investment. You can also create reports which will give insight into how your campaigns are performing. By tracking the communication with customers you can directly see how campaign activity has influenced your leads. Real time information allows you to track the full process from start to finish. You can then qualify your leads to prioritise and pass the most promising to your sales teams. With this system you can be sure that lead never slip through the net.

You can even target mail outs or email marketing to the most relevant customers who have made recent enquiries.


Efficient use of Sage CRM will allow your company to maximise sales performance and find information both quickly and easily. You can keep your sales team up to date with performance without needing to give them full and access to the company’s financial information or accounts systems. You are able to collect and analyse data about prospects and existing clients, and then through better monitoring of the sales process you will be able to track leads from the first contact, and give more priority to those which are likely to close.

The software also always you to manage teams and schedule calls. By synchronising sales and marketing efforts there is more likely to be consistency, and communications in marketing can lead to strong conversions for your sales team.

Customer care

It isn’t only sales based industries which can benefit from the increased functionality of Sage CRM. Customer service is an important part of any industry, whether sales or service based. Service based industries can use the system to monitor the complete history of their customer care against customer contact files, quickly looking up prior communications so even if they haven’t handled the account previously, they will be able to see what has been said and any previous queries raised.

Everything you need, when and where you need it

As Sage CRM can be accessed remotely on smartphones, tablets or laptops, both office based and travelling staff will have all the information they need to keep fully up to date with all the information they need.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Sage 200 can help your business as it grows, feel free to contact us.

Written by David Weaver at 00:00