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Sage CRM – Make business decisions based on fact not fiction
Thursday January 9, 2014

Research reveals CRM solutions, such as Sage CRM, are becoming ever more critical, as the era of the business analyst gains momentum.


The business world has gone through a major shake up over recent years and it is advisable to back the movement to working smarter, if we want to stay competitive. Decisions need to be based on data and not just opinion. CRM solutions like Sage CRM provide valuable business data that can support and guide employees and bring out the analyst in all of us.


Customer Relationship Management Software delivers a comprehensive view of your business by delivering vital information around your organisation; to assist sales, marketing, customer service and support. One of the key benefits of implementing an ERP solution such as Sage 200 and Sage 300 is the integration between your accounting software and a customer relationship management solution such as Sage CRM.


The integration promotes the flow of vital accounting information to sales teams such as the ability to analyse customer purchase history and focus sales efforts accordingly, while ensuring the financial accounting package is only accessible by the financial team.


Reo Song, CRM and Business Intelligence insider had the following to say on the impact of CRM:

“It’s all being done today by data analysis…to include customer demographic information; purchase history, such as purchase time, amount, quantity, price; purchase channel — online, offline or catalogue; payment medium — cash, debit card or credit card; and whether the purchase was a response to promotion.”


He went on further to say, “The role of the business managers who make decisions based on hunches is dwindling”. “[They] are being replaced by analysts who can tackle massive data for insight.”


In our opinion the experience and intuition of Business leaders will never fully be replaced by the data analyst, but what is true is that business leaders are increasingly relying on business insight from big data to enhance and support decision making.


Benefits of CRM


CRM solutions are vital tools to monitor overall performance of your businesses marketing and sales activity and ensure that you are maximising opportunities and providing a high level of customer service.


Reporting from within CRM provides the ability to track, monitor and analyse performance to overall corporate objectives.


CRM solutions such as Sage CRM provide a full cycle management database. Sales efforts can be focused and organised in terms of managing the lead cycle from an initial lead to an established customer. With each lead having a record of key communications, sales professionals can keep on top of their pipeline and sales managers can ensure visibility into the level of their sales team’s performance.


Having a centralised database of vital customer information through your CRM system offers the potential to customise and personalise marketing messaging as well as enhancing the delivery of key information to target markets.


For instance using CRM to analyse data, such as customer order history, you can determine optimal timing for customers to receive promotional materials.


Customer Service teams can keep records of support calls and customer history to ensure that high standards are being met.


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Written by David Weaver at 00:00