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Sage 300 Add-on of the month – Sage Alerts & Workflow
Tuesday October 21, 2014

Sage Alerts & Workflow is our featured Add-on of the month and turns your Sage 300 ERP system into an alerting and notification tool for greater actionable insight and reduces the need to say “If only we had known”.


Imagine the following scenario

Your customer pays for orders on a 30 day terms invoice. Your customer may be 45 days overdue on a £20,000 order, but you run your reports at month end and are unaware of the outstanding amount. In the meantime your sales team sell an additional product to the overdue customer for £20,000 during the month with no idea of the cash flow problems your customer is having until your report is ran at month end. The customer is now £40,000 in debt and you are no closer to receiving your payment and have now doubled the debt.

With Sage Alerts and workflow you could have set up a notification to alert you when a customer is overdue and if an account may be on hold.

We all know how stressful working life can be and trying to keep track of key business information can prove a challenging exercise. Sage Alerts & Workflow can help you automate a number of key tasks that can save your business time and money.

Some of the most common tasks that Alerts & Workflow is used for include reminders for invoices that are becoming overdue or are overdue,  employees taking too much vacation time, customer quotes due to expire or stock shortages.

The solution however is not only a notification system; it can also provide reports for better business intelligence and automate processes.  Sage Alerts & Workflow can automatically generate and deliver an unlimited number of Crystal Reports – including such frequently-needed reports as Sales Pipeline, Holiday entitlement and Sick Time, Aged Receivables, Open Payables and Stock Status.

The possibilities are there for your business to have Sage Alerts & Workflow set up to deliver the key insight you require, with a number of vital reports included out of the box and the ability to create additional reports.

Out of the box reports include:

- Employee Performance Review in ‘x’ Days

- Employee Certifications Due to Expire

- Open Invoices Overdue for Payment

- Payables that are Overdue

- Invoices with Excessive Freight

- User Activities Overdue for Completion

- High Balance Customers

- Customers Running Out of Credit

- Customers Over Credit Limit

- Customers Not Buying Recently

- Stock Surpluses / Shortages

- Quotes Expiring in ‘x’ Days

- Low Calls Scheduled for Sales Reps

- Employees with Negative Sick Time

If you would like to see a demo of our featured add-on Sage Alerts & Workflow for Sage 300 ERP or would like to add the solution to your Sage 300 package, please contact our Business Development Team on 01268 724005 or email

Written by David Weaver at 00:00