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Automate to accumulate with 5 top tips to transform your Sage ERP
Tuesday April 21, 2015

The key to accumulation in the modern business world is work, work, work, but not just any kind of work it is working smart that makes all the difference. There are various ways of doing this be it time saving by taking everything in through one centralised view of your business, or putting systems in place to handle some of the more time consuming tasks. But how do we start working smarter? The answer is automation and we are seeing it become more prevalent every day.

Are you thinking about ways of leveraging technology for the workplace?

Keeping on top of your business needs to be the priority to be successful. The more automation projects you carry out the closer you become to that centralised view of your business.

Here are Oakley’s Top 5 great resources that can truly transform your Sage ERP system and automate tasks to get your business accumulating. (These are all available fully integrated with Sage 200 and Sage 300 ERP Respectively)

1 – Web to lead automation with CRM

Sage CRM includes a Web to lead functionality which automates the process of registering new leads from your website and pulling them into the Customer Relationship Management solution, where you can then run email campaigns out to your audience and get sales to follow up. A full end to end solution from lead to customer. Using Sage CRM’s powerful workflow tools you can always ensure that web leads are contacted and followed up right through to sale and beyond.

2 – Spindle Professional Document Distribution

Spindle Professional Document Distribution is an award winning solution that automates the process of delivering key information to your target audience and fully supports green working by reducing costly paper usage. A must have for those sending a number of invoices and statements out to customers and those wanting to back the drive to the paper free office. A not so hidden gem can be the ROI calculator to determine possible savings to justify that ERP project.

3 – IMan Integration tool

IMan Data integration enables you to streamline business management by integrating a number of external applications with your ERP Solution. With integrations to virtually any application, you truly can benefit from an ERP system that brings together your business processes and works the way you need it to.

4 – Credit Hound for better cash flow management

Credit Hound is one of the integration solutions that ties back to the old business adage that is timeless in its sentiment – Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is king.

With Credit Hound long live the king as you can streamline and automate around 70% of the task of collecting payments from customers and ensure you are not only forecasting but actually doing all you can to deliver on projected revenue.

5 – Automate Expenses using Concur

Concur Expenses is an automated fast and accurate expense claims solution which can improve productivity, compliance and control over business expenses. Concur let’s you photograph receipts and submit an expense claim directly from your mobile device. Your company expense policy is also inbuilt to ensure that all claims are within company allowance reducing the amount of time wasted with rejected claims. When integrated into your accounting system, this will create a truly powerful and seamless system from receipt through to payment.

These are 5 popular Automation add-ons for Sage 200 and Sage 300 ERP. The key here is to find the right automation tools to transform your Sage ERP system and ensure your business keeps accumulating through automation.

If you would like to find out more about any of the mentioned Automation tools or our Sage ERP solutions contact us on 01268 724005 or email

Written by David Weaver at 00:00