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Making your life easier – Sage 300 Training – Part 1
Wednesday August 12, 2015

As a Sage 300 user you are likely to be enjoying the powerful functionality with the system. While the ERP solution provides a multitude of time saving tasks why not start thinking about speeding up your performance in Sage 300 with these time saving Tips and Tricks to become a Sage 300 Pro?

Over the next few months we will be bringing you a series of Tips and Tricks. So why not keep an eye out for our latest article on our blog.

Now to start off part 1 of our making your life easier in Sage 300 – here is our first Tip and Trick – the calculator

Within Sage 300 whenever you are dealing with a numerical figure such as an amount or unit total you can bring up a calculator inside the application.

The way you carry this out is by clicking into the numerical field you want to change and clicking the + key on your keyboard.

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Written by David Weaver at 00:00