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Ac-counting on a good Christmas
Wednesday December 16, 2015

Before starting this festive edition for our blog, I will start off by asking where has the year gone?

With the end of the year in sight, now is the time to be making sure all your preparations are in place to ensure, where possible, you can relieve as much stress as you are able to.

Let’s start with the End…the Year End

Whether you are a user of Sage 200 or Sage 300 we have a number of resources to help out with your Year End preparations. For those with a Year End outside of the calendar year you may wish to bookmark this article.

Sage 200 Year End Procedures 

> Click here to download a guide to Year End Procedures in Sage 200 

Sage 300 Year End Resources 

> Follow this link for a look over a roundup article with a number of useful resources 

The reflection – Rather good year chaps, I guess?

While business is never the same every year, December traditionally represents a time where it is potentially quiet in the office and a lot of analysis and planning for a strong start in January are underway.

With that in mind it is time to really utilise Business Intelligence as the powerful resources inside the solution for both Sage 200 and Sage 300 provide insights into your business that can be collated rapidly. If you are not already using BI perhaps it would be worthwhile treating your business to the solution to make sure next year is much simpler in terms of analysis and reporting.

The insights inside the solution provide a number of quick reporting tools such as profit and loss across your multiple offices and much more.

Not only is Business Intelligence great for planning and insight, Credit Hound enables you to ensure you are chasing payments effectively and getting paid on time.

At last the New Year’s Resolutions – Am I the only one that needs to catch up with last few years resolutions 1st?

We all look at our businesses and think what could have been done better throughout the year and now it is time to get in place the systems to make the difference over the coming year. Whether this is getting a new accounting solution to replace a dated small business package, upgrading to a new version of Sage accounting software, enhancing it with a useful optional module that can really make your life easier, the possibilities are always there. The question is are you ready to exploit them?

We will be contacting all of our existing customers throughout the next couple of months with the hope that we can review your business processes and check that you have all the tools you need to make your life easier.

If you would like to find out about getting started with Sage Accounting Software for growing businesses with requirements such as group consolidations and multiple tiered nominal ledgers and multi-currency support, at Oakley we are here to help.

Written by David Weaver at 00:00