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Sage 300 Add-on of the month – Inter Entity Transactions
Thursday January 22, 2015

Our featured Add-on of the month for Sage 300 Inter Entity Transactions streamlines the task of conducting business between multiple entities in Sage 300 ERP.

Whether you are running a business with multiple office locations, companies, or you need tighter control over multiple divisions, departments or projects, Inter Entity Transactions simplifies the task of transacting between your entities with Sage 300 ERP.

Click on the video to hear about Inter Entity Transactions for Sage 300 ERP

Due to and due from transactions are automatically generated with the ability to even follow complex routes, for instance when there might be no direct relationship between the transacting entities. Entities are balanced at all times due to sophisticated reporting and processes, allowing for greater accuracy of information.

All General Ledger transactions whether they are from a subsidiary ledger, the GL or a third party module which has created General Ledger batches are all provisioned for and will stay in balance.

Features of Inter Entity Transactions

- Works across one/multiple Sage 300 databases

- Automates due to and due from transactions

- Works on all GL transactions regardless of origination

- “Auto reverse” feature on entries destined for other companies

- Supports functions such as GL Auto Allocation and GL Reversing Entries

- Developed for the Sage 300 Interface

Key benefits of Inter Entity Transactions

- Improves accuracy of financial data

- Keeps transactions between entities in balance

- User configured routing for transacting between entities

- Familiarity with look and feel of Sage 300 ERP

- Ability to use Standard features in Sage 300 ERP such as Auto Allocation and Reversing Entries

- Inter Entity Transactions by Orchid Systems, streamlines business processes, increases the accuracy of your financial data, and provides your business with a tighter control over transactions spanning multiple entities.

If you would like to add the solution to your existing or new Sage 300 ERP system, or find out more about the solution contact our business development team on 01268 724005 or email

Written by David Weaver at 00:00