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Selecting a Sage Business Partner
Thursday July 2, 2015

When you are evaluating your ERP options and looking at a Sage ERP solution, you will find that unlike smaller accounting solutions, such as Sage 50 Accounts, you will need to work with a specialist Sage Business Partner to adopt your chosen change management solution.

Although initially you might find this confusing, especially if you are a Sage 50 user, it actually makes a lot of sense when you look under the covers. Sage is a large multi-national business that has to put their focus and effort into delivering products that are built towards an end user base.

With over 6 million customers around the world and over 38,000 customer interactions, it is a business model that enables you to get a personalised service through your Sage Business Partner.

Sage Business Partners focus not just on working together with an organisation to guide you through the adoption of a new Sage ERP solution but to also stick with you through the growth cycle and provide guidance and support along the way.

Benefits of working with a Sage Business Partner

- A Sage Business Partner has to go through official accreditation with Sage – With team members being trained in Implementation, support and training

- A Sage Business Partner is in direct contact with Sage and you the customer, providing the knowledge to form the overall picture.

- A Sage Business Partner can specialise in sectors and gains more specific product and industry knowledge.

- A Sage Business Partner can be local to your office location

At Oakley not only do we provide and conform to the typical benefits of working with a Sage Business Partner, we also:

- Have support staff that have been working with ERP for over 30 years

- Have a dedicated Private Cloud Hosting facility to implement your Sage system onto

- Have secure external storage facility to provide access to your data anytime, anywhere with a connection

- Have an in house development team that can build add on products and even mobile apps that fully integrate with your Sage ERP system

- Have customers around the world trusting us as their partner in ERP

You will see that choosing the right ERP solution for your business is not just about finding the right product, but also about finding the right long term partner in ERP to help you through the process.

Sage 200 and Sage 300 are the two accounting solutions we specialise in and you are welcome to get in touch with us regarding any questions you may have. 

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If you would like to talk to Oakley about Sage ERP please contact us on +44 (0)1268 724005 and ask for Sage Business Development Team or email

Written by David Weaver at 00:00