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Sage 200 2015: new look, new features, new compliancy
Monday March 2, 2015

Sage 200 is one of the leading Small to Medium business accounting software suites available on the market today. Having been through a number of new releases over the years, Sage 200 2015 is not just a re-release but a radical improvement on the already robust and reliable solution.


Not only does the solution bring a whole host of new features as highlighted below but it also ensures compliancy with the new legislation affecting Early Settlement Discounts.


> Click to watch a Sage 200 2015 overview video


The desktop…new look that brings with it new features

Sage 200 2015 includes a ground up rewrite with a modern and new desktop interface. With the ability to select from themes to improve your user experience and reduce over crowded function buttons and options from previous versions. The result is that you are left with just the functions you need and no more clutter.


New video tutorial functionality

The home page on Sage 200 2015 includes a range of Sage 200 Video tips and tutorials to using the system and getting the most out of the functionality available within the accounting software solution.

Shortcuts to frequently accessed functions.


Sage 200 2015 is not just an accounting solution but also includes a clever memory to build up lists of your most accessed functions to leave you with the shortcuts you need to the functionality you regularly use.


Dig a little deeper – Find and deep search functionality

Use the find bar to conduct a search into a particular item you are looking for. But not only can you run a search you can take on an advanced deep search functionality to drill further down and find the particular article you are looking for.


Excel Reporting…that’s so 2015

Sage 200 2015 see’s a brand new module called Excel Reporting a feature that has been on the customer wish list and has now been answered. This module provides data to easily be exported into Excel worksheets to use pivot tables and formulas to work with your data in the tools you know how. What’s even better is that you can actually upload this into Sage 200 with just a click.

You can update and refresh your Excel reports with a click in Sage 200 to provide up to date figures and the real time information you require. You get access to customer, nominal, supplier and stock item reports out of the box.


Integration with the new Sage CRM v7.3

Sage 200 2015 provides you with the integration to the newest version of Sage CRM v7.3 and all the new features and functionality that brings with it.


Project Accounting – a Work in Progress?

Sage 200 2015 Project Accounting provisions for a work in progress to bring the cost and revenue posted into the P/L to reflect the true profit of a project.


Fixed Assets Register now a part of the Nominal Ledger

Sage 200 2015 includes Fixed Assets as part of the Nominal Ledger for the first time from within Sage 200.


Add Colour to your businesses

Colour coded businesses a top wish list topic provides the ability to add a colour to company name and banner on every form you require. Colour banners are designed to help you determine which business you are entering data into and reduce costly errors.


In choosing Sage 200 2015 to help power your business you are not purchasing just any business accounting software you are getting the benefit of the Sage network comprising Sage, the business partner channel and the extensive developer network. Take advantage of a global brand with a UK product, for your UK business.


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Written by David Weaver at 00:00