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Sage Business Intelligence – the past, present and future
Thursday March 26, 2015

With such a fast paced world we are living in, it can often be hard to take time to sit back and reflect over past successes. Could Sage Business Intelligence be just the solution to help you keep better track of the past, present and future performance of your business?

5 measures of success for a business are most often recognised as profit, a growing customer base, customer satisfaction, employee growth and employee/owner satisfaction.

The trouble with these measures is that more often than not the couple of attributes that are easier to measure and recognise are used to measure a company’s success.

It is all very well seeing a growing customer base but it is also keeping track of the value of the deals and number of customers that might be leaving. It is working out how profitable one part of marketing activity might have been for your organisation, compared to how unprofitable another activity has been.

Sage Business Intelligence enables businesses to work smarter and put your data under the microscope to identify trends and correlations between your data. You can run profit and loss reports and numerous other reports out of the box. Essentially Sage Business Intelligence if set up and used correctly has the power to give you more hours in the day and make measuring the most important aspects to business success much more achievable.

Aside from Business Intelligence another vital aspect to consider is the ability to work out if customers are paying their bills on time and how many may have withheld payments or accounts might be on hold. We all know cash is king and the ability to closely monitor cash flow is one of the differentiators between success and failure.

With Sage 200 and Sage 300 ERP you can take advantage of the ability to better cash flow forecast future payments and determine when you are likely to get paid and prepare for what impacts this can have on the company. For instance you could start to closely monitor days it takes to get paid and look at whether you might need to start collecting payment upfront for work.

Keeping track of all of these attributes help drive your business to success, whether this be a steady growth or rapid expansion, business intelligence should be at the heart of all you do and forecasting based on accurate data from previous performance.

Sage Business Intelligence is available with both Sage 200 and Sage 300 ERP; these powerful accounting solutions bring together Sage CRM, Business Intelligence and powerful accounting tools.

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Written by David Weaver at 00:00