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5 spooky scares to avoid this Halloween with your accounting software
Wednesday October 28, 2015

The Halloween festivities are drawing us towards that spooky 31st October, parties are being planned, costumes are being purchased and pumpkins are being carved and crafted. However this is no time to conjure up a scare, as no one wants a business accounting nightmare.

If you are brave enough to feast your eyes upon 5 terrifying prospects that could face your accounting department, then perhaps you will be daring enough to overcome this fright.

  1. Avoid the vampires that could suck your business dry – Cash flow is the life and blood of your organisation and unfortunately the vampires are getting hungry. Be sure to avoid being caught out in the dark and shine a light on your cash flow with Credit Hound for Sage 200 and Sage 300. Find out more
  2. Ensure the zombies don’t eat your brains – Business Intelligence provides your business with the tools for actionable insight into business performance. Identify profitable regions, sales teams and be in the know when it comes to sustainable success, whether you are looking at Business Intelligence for Sage 200 or Intelligence Reporting for Sage 300.
  3. Make sure your buddies are close and don’t take on those creepy crawlies alone – Sage CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an integrated solution with Sage 200 and Sage 300helping bring business units together for greater teamwork. Did you know? You get one free user license with Sage ERP!
  4. Watch out for the witches stealing your eyes – At Oakley we specialise in integration, perhaps you have specific business applications you need to integrate with Sage 200 or Sage 300? Get in touch to make sure you’re benefiting from full visibility through your business software and discover how IMan integration is anything but Hocus Pocus.
  5. Trick or treat? - Regular training provides all the tricks you need to keep your employees getting the best results out of the Sage system.  Make sure it is trick and treat for your business this Halloween.

Those that were brave enough to read through all 5 scary tips may have some planning ahead, if you would like us to help guide your business we are always happy to take your call on 01268 724005 or email

Happy Halloween from the team at Oakley ERP.

Written by David Weaver at 00:00