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Business Owner, Millennial & Generation X walk into a bar! Part 2
Thursday October 29, 2015

I know they say never assume in life as you end up making a fool of yourself (or something along those lines), so rather than take for granted you have read Part 1 in our panel debate on Millennials and Generation X, follow here for a recap.

Now onto part 2…

Moderator: How important is a dress code in the workplace?

John: I think the dress code should be appropriate for the situation, however casual should never be scruffy. When meeting clients, smart is the only dress code. It looks professional and projects the right image of the business.

Sue: I feel this is very much dependant on your role and the environment you work in. You need to dress professionally, smart and look like you have made an effort as this gives not only the right image but displays confidence and hence will allow you to gain respect from your customer.

Tyrell: I think that being able to dress comfortably is a key factor to being productive and happy at work. Being confined to a strict dress code I think can really restrict personality and diversity in the workplace. Our clothes are a way of expressing ourselves and to a certain extent I think this is a good thing. Of course, beachwear at the office is a step too far.

Moderator: I couldn’t agree more if I’m honest, I think depending on the situation you should dress appropriately no matter what. How concerned are you all about pensions and how do you all feel about auto enrolment?

John: Everyone should save for their old age as the government pension will never be enough and in fairness shouldn’t be either. It is up to the individual to plan for their retirement and not rely on others for a hand-out. Auto-enrolment is for me an added cost to the business that some businesses may not be able to afford and so making it mandatory for a company to provide additional payments will affect some wages due to companies freezing wage rises.

Sue: As I`m getting closer to retirement age yes of course pension is important to me.  When I started my career pension was a key benefit I looked for when looking for a new role.  Auto-enrolment for me is not a benefit but I feel for the millennial it`s not a bad thing because I do think you need to plan for your future and if the company are sharing your investment then it doesn`t affect your pocket as much each month.

Tyrell: I am someone who will face retirement with little or no government help, making sure I have a pension or back up plan is essential. If we didn’t have auto-enrolment, people with poor planning would be living in poverty during retirement or working well into their 80’s to keep a roof over their head.

Moderator: Some good points made, well how do you feel about flexi-working times and would that motivate you?

John: I am in favour of flexi working time and if it meets the needs of an employee I am happy to listen to their needs and look at the needs of the business.

Sue: Flexi-working would motivate me and I believe by offering this you will generally get more commitment and loyalty to your employer. There is often the guilt factor as a working mum that if your child is poorly, those plays, shows, open days related to school, doctors, dentist and general appointments it would be nice to be able to arrange without feeling guilty either way.

Tyrell: Personally, I love the idea of flexi-working! I regularly struggle to be motivated in the mornings, but often happily reply to emails at 8/9pm. I think by allowing flexi-working is just making the most from your work force. Not to mention, people with children, enabling them to work around school runs and last minute homework projects, I can see a real benefit.

Moderator: Okay, now you all probably get asked this question a lot but what motivates you in the workplace?

John: What motivates me is the constant change within a business and the evolution required to be successful. I particularly enjoy meeting new people and selling to those people a product that I know will help them in their business. Nothing is more enjoyable than a happy customer, who then stays a customer for a great many years, some even become friends.

Sue: What motivates me is to have a busy workload, working with and surrounding myself with positive people, I can`t stand negativity, my take on this is if you`re not happy for whatever reason either sort It out and rectify it or do something about it.  I am such a positive person generally and therefore find if working with a number of negative people it can sometimes grind and pull you down.  Money, incentives and benefits motivate me but I guess that`s speaking as a sales person.

Tyrell: Success. I like to think that everything I do at work is contributing to my ultimate goal of being successful and happy. Regular performance reviews to make sure I stay on track motivate me and performance driven rewards!

Moderator: John, do you feel a workforce comprised of differing age groups brings out the right balance for business?

John: Absolutely, I am very clear that it takes different ages, gender, beliefs, race and outlook to make a successful business.

Moderator: Thank you to John, Sue and Tyrell for answering my questions and joining us on this panel. Have you worked out who our Millennial representation was?

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Written by Kyle McLaughlin at 00:00