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Making your life easier in Sage 300 – Part 2
Tuesday September 8, 2015

Following on from our previous edition, part 2 in our series focuses on two other useful applications you can load up from using the shortcut keys in Sage 300.


Tip and Trick number 2 – The Calendar


The following Tip and Trick in Sage 300 helps you bring up the calendar inside the application without having to click on your mouse.


The calendar can be brought up from any date entry field by either pressing F4 or Alt + down arrow key.



Tip and Trick number 3 – The Finder

The next Tip and Trick for Sage 300 Training is the ability to bring up the Finder screen from within Sage 300 Screens containing a magnifying glass icon.

In order to bring up the Finder all you need to do is press F6.


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Written by David Weaver at 00:00