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Guest Blog: Sage Integration Made Simple
Thursday April 21, 2016

Integration between your Sage system and other applications does not need to be complicated. There are hundreds of Sage customers around the world that use IMan to make their systems faster, simpler and more flexible.

An integration solution such as IMan can help your Sage system deliver a greater and often quicker return on investment.

Once you have your Sage system and other applications integrated you will notice the benefits. IMan delivers operational efficiency by automating the otherwise human effort required to synchronize data between applications.

Why should I use IMan?

To start off going down the route of developing a custom integration can be time consuming and expensive. IMan is a sophisticated integration platform that cuts out some of the initial integration development work, freeing up time to focus on the more productive areas of your project.

The two-way application connectors can access almost any data whether on-premise or cloud. IMan can integrate your applications with your Sage system through a single configurable platform without needing to use lots of complicated code.

How do I find out more to get started with IMan?

IMan helps to eliminate your manual processing; makes your business more efficient and reduces processing times and human errors.

Oakley enjoys a successful partnership with Realisable and have provided IMan integration to many of their existing customer base. If you would like to explore integration for your Sage 200 or Sage 300 system please feel free to get in touch with your Business Partner Oakley.

About the Author

I'm Luke Scott and I work as Sales Director for Realisable Software Ltd. I'm passionate about working with businesses to give them the knowledge and tools that they need to transform and grow to their full potential.

Written by Luke Scott at 15:34