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How to keep your millennial staff happy and motivated?
Wednesday April 13, 2016

Are your millennials dragging their heels? Are they giving less than they’ve got? Maybe it’s a matter of motivation from the business owner. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your staff happy & motivated so that they will do the best job possible for your company. Here’s how.

Personal Development

If employees feel that they are making progress and that their careers can be advanced then this will lead to motivation and retention. If a company focuses on their employees as opposed to just filling the role for the sake of it, you will instantly make staff feel like they are more valued. Potentially having a development plan in place for each individual employee will most certainly motivate them to perform and progress within the business.

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value” says Albert Einstein

Benefits & Incentives

With the NHS being on its knees at the moment, incentives and benefits like private healthcare and dental are becoming a key attraction point for millennials…

Employees nowadays are attracted to the benefits & incentives that they may receive as they align with the company. To be honest, in most cases this is probably the first factor employees are going to consider when looking for a job. Usually you can find out the benefits & incentives at the beginning by the job description and up to the final interview.

Benefits might typically include things such as salary sacrifice arrangements (such as childcare vouchers), travel loans, and internal and external discounts. It is better to review pay scales and bonus schemes instead of rather just increasing wage with a cost of living increase because this will ensure that the company remains competitive in the marketplace.

Pleasant working environment

Creating a pleasant and comfortable working environment for your employees will influence how they feel about the workplace. When we talk about work environment, it means everything that forms part of employees’ involvement within the workplace such as relationships with co-workers and supervisors through to the room for personal development. Having a positive working environment will make employees feel good about coming into work, and this provides the motivation to sustain them throughout their time with you.

“Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it” says Lou Holtz


All employees are different, and certainly have various personal and professional circumstances and needs. For example, employees may have children or even external commitments which will conflict with standard working hours. However, flexible working can be difficult to implement with considerations taken into account.

Flexi working may include introducing core working hours, a set number of working hours to complete each week or even working from home. Of course this will vary between companies, depending on your procedures.

Training & Systems

The choice of implementing a new accounting system isn’t for the sake of it being put into place but for delivering an end goal. This could be efficiency or freeing up staff time by automating tasks where possible, it is about saving your employee’s time and stress & more money on your bottom line.

Oakley deals with numerous organisations that have got fed up with using spreadsheets to run their accounting through. This in some cases can be the reason for staff leaving due to a lack of investment.

Aside from the accounting department this really comes down to which department you are in charge of but also investing in the tools that help morale high is the most important aspect. Being brought up in the technical age, to give a millennial an outdated doss system to work with will not, I repeat, NOT make them motivated. Not to mention from your perspective, newer solutions are opening up more and more automation which saves, your employees time and you money!

Training is equally important when buying a new system as it is to provide employees with appropriate training levels and to invest into a regular training program. It’s all about working smart not just hard. Staff that are untrained cannot be set up to succeed but set to fail from the start.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” says Steve Jobs

Written by Kyle McLaughlin at 13:43