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Olympic Edition - The Cloud or On Premise - Who's taking the gold?
Friday August 19, 2016

The Olympics always provide us with a lesson in what hard work, dedication and motivation can help you achieve.

While no one can deny that winning the gold is the peak and ultimate desire… it’s certainly not just for the Olympic Athletes to crave. Businesses need to try their utmost to maximise ROI on business applications with the current economic outlook.

Take home the gold with a sage deployment

So we have a very important question when it comes to deployment… ‘Should you look at the cloud or take out an on premise solution to bring home the gold?’

At Oakley we provide the best of both in that you can have the on premise version so you own the software but installed on our private cloud so you can benefit from online access to your data.

Below you will see a number of tables which highlight the key differences between the available deployment options for Sage 200 and Sage 300.

Sage 200 is available either online, on premise or hosted on our private cloud.

Sage 200 Online is not the full version of Sage 200 as it doesn’t offer key modules such as Business Intelligence and CRM. The table below explains a little more.

Sage 200 deployment options

Sage 200 Online or On Premise?

An on premise deployment is exactly what it says on the tin and some might view it as the traditional route to take. With Oakley Private Cloud you can have hybrid between the two and benefit from software ownership but still have software hosting taken care of.  The downside of going down the Sage 200 Online route is that it is in effect a rental model. So the software is never yours to own and subject to change and updates that will likely be forced upon you whether you would want them or not. Think about Facebook and LinkedIn, these applications are on the cloud and go through interface updates. You have no choice but to accept the changes.

Sage 300 deployment options

Sage 300 Deployment Options

The biggest question of them all when it comes to the deployment options though is how much will it cost you over the number of years you want to use the solution for. While you might not know the exact answer to this, it is not unusual to have to think of an ideal figure. We do this with Mortgages after all in our personal lives.

At Oakley we have a lot of experience in this very topic as not only are we providing Sage accounting software On Premise, Sage 200 Online, we also have our own Oakley Private Cloud option. If you would like to find out more or want to discuss your options please contact us.

If you are unsure whether Sage 200 or Sage 300 is right for your business you might want to take a look over this article Sage 200 Vs Sage 300

Written by David Weaver at 10:42