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3 Predictions for your ERP Software Implementation in 2017
Monday December 19, 2016

We can’t believe that 2016 is nearly over, for some it has been a difficult year with the Brexit result and Trump becoming the next US President. But, for others it has been a year of triumph and growth and that is where we are focussing our predictions for 2017.

Now obviously, we don’t have a crystal ball that can tell us the future, but, we can use our years of experience to predict what your ERP Software future will look like over the coming 12 months.

Prediction 1: 2017 will be the year you finally switch to ERP Software.

2016 was a great year for growth and profit is at an all time high, you’ve been sitting on the fence about upgrading your software for too long and now is the time to make that positive change. 2017 is the year to say goodbye to the spreadsheets and the old legacy CRM and welcome the fully integrated ERP Software that will map the future growth of your business.

Your company doesn’t have to be a huge multinational to use intelligent software like Sage 200 or Sage 300, this software is designed to help SME’s and large businesses alike and provide a completely integrated, futureproof solution.

Prediction 2: You will make your business processes and requirements your number one priority.

Following on from prediction number one, before you implement new software you must fully understand your business processes and requirements. The first quarter of 2017 is your opportunity to really get under the hood and evaluate each departments processes and highlight any requirements that may not be addressed with your current software.

We recommend to all of our clients that they undergo a complete business process analysis, together with an ERP Software expert we can help to streamline and fulfil all of the businesses needs and cut out any money and time wasting processes, before implementing your new software solution.

 Prediction 3: You will work with ERP Software experts.

Here at Oakley ERP we have decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes, in all industries to smoothly implement the right ERP Software solution for them. Our no-nonsense advice ensures that your business gets exactly what it needs, with each department given equal focus. This way of working ensures complete integration throughout the business and means that whatever the rate of growth, your software is always able to match the pace.

Written by Oakley ERP at 15:46