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Valentine’s Day – Rekindle your love and avoid an ERP mismatch
Thursday February 11, 2016

With Valentine’s weekend on the way, I’m sure those in relationships will be celebrating their love for their partner by sending cards or letters, giving gifts or flowers and arranging meals in restaurants or even romantic nights in hotels.

For those who are currently single may well be set up on some blind dates by either friends or dating apps. Which reminds me of a not so fun scenario that happened to one of my closest friends.

Imagine being set up on a blind date by your friends and the blind date just turns out to be the worst date ever. They just talk about ways in which they could get their ex back and also want your help to come up with ideas. Let’s just say there wasn’t a second date after that!

This got me thinking of the potential mismatches that happen during the ERP selection process for your business.

As a strategic Sage Business Partner we deal with two very different products that require a considered approach. The choice of Sage 200 or Sage 300 depends on what you as a business are looking for, the question is; what are your requirements?

Sage 200 is a highly customable solution for growing UK businesses, not carrying out a lot of international operations.

Sage 300 on the other hand is an international solution with multi-currency, consolidations and inter-company are there to support global growth for small to medium sized businesses.

To give you an initial understanding of just how the mismatch can occur take a look over our nice little infographic here and help get the right match for your business. You can also download a copy of the infographic here>












Choosing the right ERP system for your business is like finding your perfect match, the most important thing is to get the result so that come next Valentines there may be an anniversary in sight and not a heartbreak.

Written by Kyle McLaughlin at 15:20