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Sage New Year’s Resolutions – time to plan the diet ahead!
Monday January 4, 2016

After all that Christmas food and drink, I can imagine most people have either already started or are planning on a diet. However it may be that your business could also do with shedding a few pounds and being streamlined.

When refining and streamlining your business, you want to improve the efficiency of a process, business or organisation by simplifying or eliminating unnecessary steps, using modernising techniques, or taking other approaches.


Streamlining a business means that all employees will be using the same efficient means of completing work related tasks. With using one application to complete work related tasks such as creating and saving customer contacts, assigning individual tasks, writing communications for contacts and many more just shows how much time could be saved. Also by using one application it enables the business to refine their processes so that there is little room for anything to go wrong.


5 Steps to a Dieting Plan

1. Utilising CRM

CRM has changed the way of managing and maintaining customer relations. Sage CRM software brings together the key business units by providing business information such as most profitable customers, last time a customer was contacted, full lead cycle management from initial enquiry through to an established customer, support cases and many more. Utilising CRM relates to the collaboration with friends and family keeping you on track with the diet.


2. Spindle

Spindle Professional is a Document Management Solution for automating the delivery of key accounts related documentation with the ability to apply full branding and promotional offers at the same time. Spindle Professional sends documents to multiple locations by email, fax and print. It stores them for easy access, freeing up your time and saving your business money. In terms of a diet, Spindle is relating to a food being substituted for another food that is suitable for the meal plan to the specific diet.


3. Credit Hound

Credit Hound streamlines and automates the processes involved to keep on top of credit control management. You can instantly see customers that are severely overdue or approaching payment deadlines and take the necessary actions to keep on top of cash flow. The solution fully integrates with Sage200, 300 and even with Spindle Professional. In terms of relating Credit Hound to a diet, Credit Hound is essentially your business equivalent of a tracking log for invoice payments and keeping on top of cash flow.


4. Audit Logger

Audit Logger is for Sage 300, it is an auditing tool that registers all user actions, security alternations and any data modifications performed against each specific task, field or system view. Audit Logger relates to a diet in terms of keeping a log of what actions have been carried out.


5. BI

Sage Business Intelligence is an integrated reporting solution with both Sage 200 and Sage 300 (ERP Intelligence Reporting). The solution presents you with a range of vital business KPI’s out of the box. Sage Business Intelligence provides true collaboration across your organisation so more people can access the information they need to make informed decisions, faster. BI relates to weighing yourself every so often on your diet, it gives you an insight to where you at and indicates progression.


Here is another look at the London Fireworks display from New Year’s Eve.


Written by Kyle McLaughlin at 00:00