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Sage 200 2016 new CRM but what about the old one?
Monday June 13, 2016

Sage 200 2016 sees the introduction of a new CRM but what happens if you are using the old integrated CRM with Sage 200?

With the launch of Sage 200 2016, one of the key exciting new features includes a new CRM solution titled the Sales, Marketing & Service Module.

This module provides your business with the flexibility and choice to either have no CRM, both or one of Sales & Marketing or Services Modules for your CRM Integration.

Sage 200 2016

New to Sage 200 with Integrated CRM or existing Sage 200 user without CRM currently?

If you are an existing Sage 200 user looking to upgrade to version 2016 but haven’t used the integrated Sage CRM with your older Sage 200 software or you are new to Sage 200 completely and interested in CRM, then you are able to start straight away with the new CRM module.

The Sales, Marketing & Services Module delivers a plethora of benefits including:

- Insight to evaluate your business position and make confident decisions faster

- Improve customer retention and drive revenue growth through enhanced customer service capabilities

- Strengthen employee engagement and collaboration through more effective sharing and better team working resources. With just a single solution everyone can become more productive and efficient

- Deliver real time sales information to benefit the business development teams where and whenever they need it.

- Set up marketing campaigns to effectively target customers based on accurate data and achieve a better return on your marketing spend

If you are an existing Sage 200 CRM user then please read the following information before looking to upgrade to Sage 200 2016

Sage 200 version 2015, 2013, 2011 and earlier offer integration with the traditional Sage CRM product. So for example you might be using Sage 200 2015 with Sage CRM 7.3.

With the newest version of Sage 200 2016 the new CRM module comes into effect and your old integrated CRM version cannot be transferred onto the new version of CRM.

Oakley understand that Sage are currently working on an integration for Sage 200 2016 with the old CRM data. This will be rolled out over the next release when Sage have a working upgrade for the old CRM data connection.

So if you are considering upgrading to Sage 200 2016 and are an existing integrated CRM user then you might want to either wait until the integration is ready for your old CRM or explore the new version of CRM and how it would fit in with your current business processes. 

This section only applies to you if you are already using the integrated version of Sage CRM with Sage 200.

If you have any questions, as a strategic Sage Business Partner Oakley ERP are always here to help. Drop us a line on or call us on +44(0) 1268 724005.

Written by David Weaver at 14:30