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Why you should avoid an ERP Project
Thursday June 23, 2016

We often hear talk regarding when is a good time to implement an ERP system into a business. For some it’s after year end, for others pre-Christmas when it’s a little quieter. However the truth is it is never a convenient time to implement an ERP system, however it is also never a good time to avoid an ERP project if your business requires it. You are considering ERP for a reason and the long term benefits will outweigh the short term pains. 

Excuses such as this employee is on holiday right now or the directors are focusing on another project, so are unable to provide sign off at present, are all too common. 

ERP Project - are you avoiding?

An ERP project will rarely be held up by ERP suppliers such as Oakley as our job is to get you up and running with your software. The reality is in virtually every project we have worked on we have had to wait on customers to provide time to commit to data sorting and training. 

The simple reason is that you are busy completing your day to day job, while having to find time to devote to a new ERP system. We always work at the speed our customers like us to, however the longer it takes to get tasks back the harder it becomes to hit a target deadline completion date.

The reality is if you are delaying an ERP system because you feel it might not be the best time to go ahead with it, you need to consider the opportunity cost and what your business is compromising on by holding up the change. Valid reasons for delaying a project such as it being the company’s busiest time of the year make complete rational sense, it is just working out the difference between delaying for a viable reason and delaying for fear of change.  

If the new ERP is radically going to make your life easier and the business reporting easier to compile with automation, wouldn't it be worth a little short term pain to get the long term ROI? 

3 questions to ask yourself when it comes to delaying ERP

  1. Are you delaying this project for a valid reason or is it a reluctance of change management?
  2. What are the reasons for and against implementing the ERP project?
  3. Is the opportunity cost of not implementing greater than the short term benefit of delaying?

Remember that an ERP solution will not be up and running overnight and the time between initial setup and go live will require a number of steps to go through. So the longer you hold off the project the further away that go live date moves with it. 

If you would like to discuss any questions relating to an ERP Implementation we are always happy to help out. We can share with you average implementation timescales and our experience as a Strategic Sage Business Partner of similar projects to yours. Please fill out our contact form and one of our team will respond to you as soon as possible. 

Written by David Weaver at 10:49