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CRM Marketing Integration: do you need it?
Wednesday May 18, 2016

In short, the answer is – of course you do. If you're using a CRM and still having to manage multiple other systems, then this is the blog you need to read.

So, what is CRM integration?

CRM integration essentially is a way to make your marketing life easier. As your CRM system compiles the most up to date information on contacts and leads across their lifecycle, your marketing systems need to stay up to date too. Integrating CRM with your marketing systems makes your job ten times more effective immediately. 

How, we hear you ask?

Entire business teams use your CRM, from sales to account managers. It makes sense that marketing is involved too. From understanding how long it takes sales to convert leads to where the customer upsell opportunities are. Within your CRM there is valuable data for all points of your business.

Using this CRM data, you can make more effective email marketing, social media and event campaigns. From including dynamic customer content to creating customised campaigns for different tiers of customers. With CRM integration, you can have all the data you need for any campaign in one place. You can even trigger entire marketing campaigns from within CRM. At least, that's CommuniGator's perspective on CRM integration.

Why CRM integration is essential to your marketing Sage CRM with CommuniGator

We know that your marketing depends on what your contacts and leads are interested in and interacting with in order to be successful. Without a CRM, how will you know who has gotten in contact with a lead over their buyer journey and what they've shown interest in? Marketing is the starting point for the sales funnel that flushes leads through. In order to keep the funnel running along smoothly and closing customers, your CRM and marketing need to work together.

And the benefits you can expect to see?

Integrating your CRM and marketing platforms allows you to manage your marketing in one place. Given the sheer amount of different marketing techniques and platforms, the integration alone makes a marketer's life easier. That's not all, though.

Your customer relationship management allows you to record your sales funnel as accurately as possible. Integration allows you to manage that data effectively. And that is essentially becoming part of a marketer's job. To manage CRM data in a way that can enable your sales team to close more deals. From combining your sales & marketing teams effort with sales activities being able to trigger marketing campaigns to defining dynamic groups that need different lead nurturing techniques. Once you integrate your CRM, it's all possible.

If you are looking at adding marketing automation with Sage CRM, take a look at what CommuniGator could do to enhance your CRM & marketing processes.  

About the Author

Ali Chambers is the Content Strategist at CommuniGator, generating and nurturing new business opportunities for their clients. CommuniGator’s marketing automation integrates with Sage CRM to improve marketing processes from within the CRM itself. You can find out more about the marketing automation experts, CommuniGator, here >

Written by Alison Chambers at 11:00