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What is ERP and how can it help your business?
Friday November 11, 2016

Firstly, we need to address the elephant in the room, what is ERP Software? ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, is business software that can integrate and ultimately run all elements of your business. This might include CRM (Customer Relationship Management) logistics, traceability of materials, stock control and of course financial controls. Essentially ERP Software can become the heart and lungs of your business, it’s what keeps it alive.

In this blog post we’re going to explain how an ERP Software solution like Sage 200 and Sage 300 can help your business grow.

When faced with an acronym such as ERP the first thing most of us do is head to Google and run a search, in most cases this search will throw back millions of results, often making you more confused that when you first started, ERP is no exception! As we stated at the beginning, in its most simplistic form, ERP Software is a piece of software that integrates processes in your business which enables you to look clearly at the profit, loss and growth of the company in detail. It is worth mentioning at this stage that financial ERP Software is not a bookkeeping package, it is analytical, business intelligence software.

How can ERP Software help your business?

There are five key ways in which ERP Software can help your business grow:

More Control.

ERP Software allows you to have visibility of exactly what is going on within your business. Having 360˚ visibility like this means you have total control of each area of the company, providing interesting insights into areas that may be underperforming or overspending. We like to say that ERP Software gives you ‘one version of the truth’ instead of different silos of information, resulting in fewer, if any surprises.

Simplified Processes.

Using ERP Software undoubtedly streamlines and centralises operations, enabling better synergy between departments. With this streamlining comes more transparency and a reduction in the chances of human error thanks to the ability to automate, this in turn makes the entire process simpler and faster.

Happy Staff.

Providing staff with the right tools to be able to do their job is a sure-fire way to boost productivity. ERP Software helps to cut down the amount of admin that staff are required to do on a daily basis, allowing them to get on with what they do best. The nature of the design of ERP Software is to provide the user (your staff) with the information quickly and easily, this in turn helps to empower them and enable them to make better decisions, faster. In addition to this, your team can have visibility into other departments information and performance, meaning complete transparency and accountability across the business.

Improved Integration.

ERP Software offer integration between all aspects and departments of your business helping it to function as one, unified entity. Transactions between different divisions become smoother, easier and faster, and of course as we have already mentioned, reduces the chance of human error which can cost companies thousands of pounds. The more integrated your business, both internally and externally the better its profitability.


The not so secret, secrets to sustained business growth are agility, the ability to futureproof and minimise disruption. ERP Software ticks all of these boxes! It is highly flexible and can quickly scale to meet your business growth. In addition to this, ERP Software helps to create growth by supporting strategic planning, this is down to greater visibility and therefore control across all divisions. ERPs also enable your business to be more agile, meaning you can adapt to sudden changes in the market place with minimal disruption and time-wasting.

To surmise, ERP solutions provide businesses with vital insights into performance, whilst streamlining processes and creating growth opportunities.

Here at Oakley ERP we help growing companies choose the right software for them. As Sage 200 and Sage 300 partners we are confident we will have the right solution for you. Our end-to-end service ensures total peace of mind and support throughout the implementation process, as well as first rate after care to ensure you continue to get the most out of your software.

Contact one of our expert team here to find out how an ERP Software solution can support your business growth.

Written by Oakley ERP at 16:55