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Hangover Helper - Sage to the rescue
Wednesday September 21, 2016

The following article takes a look over the effects of a business hangover and how to utilise a range of tools to alleviate the pains.

You might refer to it as a recent social occasion that one could have over indulged, however it is not just your personal life that can suffer the effects of a hangover. Business could well be suffering from a hangover from all the many various wonderful treats the UK and global economy seems to have in store for us of late.

Be it the Brexit decision creating economic uncertainty or the recent lowering of Interest rates being greeted with as much enthusiasm as an ill-advised fresh round of Tequila in Sushi Samba, just when you had decided enough is enough and the night is over.

The last thing you will be wanting is a long, convoluted business process when with a few enhancements you could make your life much easier.

Automation is a buzz word but when used correctly can make the difference of enabling your business to get work completed on time and with the most economical amount of resources.

One such client at Oakley Global when referring to our Sage automation system had the following to say - “The solution is not cheap but with the efficiency savings and the amount we can achieve through automation, makes the solution well worth it as tasks can be achieved with the click of a button”.

Manual processes can hold up staff with mundane routine tasks, so instead of working on strategies and actions, staff are left putting together the data and are not left with time to work on the action plan.

There are numerous advantages of automation for Sage 200, Sage 300 and Sage CRM discover how we liken some of these to a hangover below:

  • Planning ahead for that hangover – this could be ensuring you have coffee and sugary drinks to rehydrate, but in accounting terms this comes down to reporting – automate the process of delivering key reports such as profit and loss, sales by region and many more
  • After all those drinks charged to the company card it can be a nightmare tracking down receipts and then entering these manually, in accounting terms expenses can be a time consuming task and often an unnecessary burden with automation tools
  • Keep up to date with E-commerce – linking up the e-commerce system through your Sage accounting software can free up time in manual effort for reporting purposes

At Oakley we are always here to help out our Sage customer base by providing services to make your life easier, so whether you are an existing customer or looking to be a potential new client get in touch today and discover how we can help with automation.

Written by Oakley Marketing at 12:10