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Busting the ERP Software myths
Tuesday January 10, 2017

All too often when we speak to businesses about using ERP Software we hear the same objections; “Oh our business isn’t big enough for software like that” or “Software with that level of functionality is very expensive!” Both statements are in fact, in most cases, myths. That’s why we have put together this blog post to help bust some of these very common ERP Software legends.

Common myth number 1: “We’re a small business and don’t need ERP Software”

Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions of ERP Software is that it only works for large businesses. In fact, ERP Software is designed for the growing business and its effectiveness and ROI has very little (and in some cases, nothing) to do with the business size.

If your business has plans for growth and expansion then, without doubt ERP Software should be considered. Sage 200 and 300 are modular, meaning you will only pay for the functionality you need as and when you need it. Not only does this boost ROI, but with the ability to add new modules in line with the business growth you are also able to futureproof your software and in-house procedures.

Common myth number 2: “ERP Software is very expensive”

This is probably one of the oldest misconceptions of ERP Software, the truth is that ERP Software is not expensive. Now don’t get us wrong they are not cheap either, but then this is a serious piece of business software, over time ERP Software will pay for itself. An ERP System helps to increase output from your human resources and once the initial set up and management costs are covered, the rest is pure profit.

Common myth number 3: “Implementing an ERP System is a nightmare!”

Now, it’s safe to say that implementing any new system into a business is a disruptive process and an ERP system is no exception. However, your ERP Software will be implemented in partnership with experts (like us here at Oakley ERP) know as Business Partners, together we work with your team to implement your new software with as little disruption and as few headaches as possible.

Common myth number 4: “Training staff on how to use the new system will take forever and slow down productivity”

ERP Software is designed to do the exact opposite of this statement, yes there is some training your staff will need to undertake to get to grips with the new software, but that is the same with any systems change (remember the switch from Windows 95 to Windows 98?!) but once this training has been completed, productivity will be at an all-time high.

Another huge benefit of working with a Business Partner like us here at Oakley ERP is that we support your staff throughout implementation, training and beyond. It’s not the sort of relationship where the purchase is made, the system is setup and then we wish you the best of luck and off we go. You will be designated your very own Consultant and Account Manager, who will work with you every step of the way and be there to help as and when you need it.

Common myth number 5: “ERP Software is the IT Departments responsibility”

Just because ERP Software has the word ‘software’ in it doesn’t mean that it is only for IT people. In the past, business intelligence software and other solutions like ERP Software have been very un-user friendly and historically, IT were the people to deal with it because, well let’s be honest no one else had a clue how it worked! This is no longer the case, particularly with ERP Software, which is now easy to use and completely accessible to all staff.

Of course, this is not to say that your IT team won’t have an integral part to play in the integration of your ERP Software, but it does mean that IT input thereafter is minimal.

So, there you have it, the most common ERP Software myths busted!

The most important point to remember is that ERP Software is for growing businesses, not just large ones and together with an ERP Software Business Partner like us here at Oakley ERP. Together we can make sure that you get the system you need, as well as one that will not just grow with your business, but also enhance that growth for years to come.

Talk to our expert team here to discover the best ERP Software solution for your business.

Written by Oakley ERP at 14:03