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7 ERP Software Predictions for 2018
Thursday January 18, 2018

There is a buzz around ERP development in 2018, with the landscape changing and growing more than ever before.

Business owners, CFO’s, Finance Managers, Project Managers, Account Managers… anyone involved in these areas will be aware of the importance of having an ERP system in place in their business.

Not only do organisations rely on ERP systems for efficient business management, but they also provide an edge over their competitors by improving the way they operate and service their client base.

So how is ERP Software going to dominate in 2018?


Intelligence is set to evolve ERP systems in 2018. Advanced analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning. Features that will help take big data and turn it into valuable insights for businesses. Not only will this provide better analysis and forecasting, but it will also aid process improvement and use effective use of resources.


When it comes to data and collaboration, global boundaries do not exist in 2018. Advancements in ERP technology have made it quick and easy to transfer data from one location to another. Data syncing is a prime example of this; users can access their software from anywhere, making global business management run seamlessly.

SME focus

ERP will be moving towards serving more of an SME client base in 2018. Cloud deployment will play a key role in helping smaller businesses using an ERP system, with lower costs for implementation a key factor.

Richer features

ERP vendors are working hard, looking at extensive market research and endeavouring to streamline user issues that may have affected past performance. 2018 is the year that businesses can expect improved functionality when it comes to UX, automation and security.

In-memory computing

“In-memory computing”, the buzz word of 2018. This essentially means storing data in RAM (Random Access Memory) for processing, rather than storing in disk-drive based databases. This will allow regular caching of data and quick access to information.  Quicker processing speeds mean greater accuracy of reporting in real-time.

Digital growth

Digital growth goes hand in hand with globalisation.  Companies striving for digital transformation will look to ERP solutions that keep digitalisation at the forefront of their development plans in 2018 and beyond.

2018 and beyond

2018 is set to be an exciting year for ERP, with vendors and clients striving for the best possible in their software solutions to help drive growth forward in the year to come.

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