Sage 200 Commercials

Sage 200 Commercials Delivers

The Tools for Managing Stock

Sage 200 Commercials is a vital tool for those requiring stock management within the accounting software.

The modules in Sage 200 Commercials enable you to take control of your supply chain, managing many activities including sales and purchase order processing, pricing, stock management, distribution, industry specific operations and much more. 

With Sage 200 Commercials effective stock management systems, it allows for delivery automation of your customer order. Allowing you to respond to product and pricing demands quickly and effectively, therefore ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Sage 200 Commercials Modules

Sage 200 Sales Order Processing
Sage 200 Sales Order Processing giving you complete control of the entire sales order processing, from raising a quotation, or an order and ensuring stock availability, to creating invoices and dispatching goods. Sage 200 Commercials brings you complete control as all documentation is created automatically, including invoices, order acknowledgement and delivery notes.

Sage 200 Purchase Order Processing
Sage 200 Purchase Order Processing manages the entire purchase order process. This includes creating a purchase order, checking goods received, an automated process allowing you to manage your supply chain confidently, ensuring the correct goods are ordered and paid for. In addition to this, it ensures that resources are available to support sales functions and much more.

Sage 200 Stock Control
Sage 200 stock control allows users to initiate procedures ensuring full accountability. By assigning unique serial numbers, all stock being accounted for not only increases efficiency but provides you with additional security.

Sage 200 Price Book
Sage 200 Price Book contains the facilities to manage customer prices and discounts across your entire product range with ease. This supports both, discount and price band based pricing, offering complete flexibility to businesses that deal with differing price ranges. The Sage 200 price book keeps pricing simple not only allowing you to customise, but create defaults for your normal business processing