Sage 200 Deployment

On Premise, Online, Cloud

The choice is yours

Sage 200 Extra provides your business with real flexibility in the way you can have the solution implemented.

Not only are you still able to take the Sage 200 Extra Business Management solution in the traditional on premise way. You can also either have the full system over Oakley Private Cloud or if you only require a cut down version of the solution with Financials, then you can take out Sage 200 Extra Online.

Sage 200 Extra on premise

Sage 200 on premise is the traditional deployment method in which we invoice you for the software upfront and then we can implement the system either on your servers or we are also able to implement this via our Oakley Private Cloud. This is the ideal choice if you want the full implementation and to own the software outright.

Sage 200 Extra Subscription

Sage 200 Extra Subscription enables your business to take out the full solution but with the benefit of a manageable monthly payment. We implement the solution either on your server or via our Oakley Private Cloud we can host your system for you for a monthly hosting fee. This option is classed as an Opex but you do not own the Sage 200 Software.

Sage 200 Extra Online

Sage 200 Extra Online is available through Oakley and is the true cloud version of Sage 200 hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. This version is ideal for businesses with less complex requirements through the system. You don’t own the software outright and a number of optional modules are not available such as Sage CRM and Sage Business Intelligence.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss Sage 200 Deployment methods and which solution is best for your needs. We find either a meeting or talk on the phone is the best way to explain the differences and which route may be best for you, either call 01268 724005 or fill out our form here.