Sage 200 Financials

Sage 200 Extra includes a

powerful financial proposition

At the centre of your accounting software is the Sage 200 Financials system which contains the core accounting modules to run your business.

In Sage 200 Extra you can experience an unrivalled control over your business management of accounts and ensure you have a detailed picture of what is going on.

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Sage 200 Financials provide your business with the necessary tools to manage your costs, processes as well as help drive your organisation further. This is achieved by Sage 200 Financials managing the daily running of your business and providing you with the tools your organisation needs to control and report on your business.

Sage 200 Financial Modules

Sage 200 Nominal Ledger Sage 200 Nominal Ledger provides your business with the resources for reporting and accessing integral business management information. It includes a multi-level structure providing a breakdown by cost centre or department. This not only provides you with complete flexibility but allows you to easily track and produce reports regarding profit and loss by product, sales region or individual departments within your organisation. The Nominal Ledger allows transactions to be processed quickly and efficiently, making managing VAT a simple and consistent process.

Sage 200 Cash Book Sage 200 Cash Book is designed to control all bank and investment accounts in multi currency processing. Sage 200 is integrated with e-banking allowing individuals to automate direct debits and standing orders on time. Sage 200 Cash Book caters for bespoke payment systems, allowing the application to be customised to suit individual businesses with differing banking process, putting you in control of your cash flow.

Sage 200 Sales & Purchase Ledger Sage 200 Sales & Purchase Ledger offers total control when managing customers and suppliers in all currencies. These ledgers are created to allow quick data entry by allowing you to specify defaults that suit your processes, ensuring accuracy and consistency. The invoice processing in this application can also be batch controlled, which is ideal for businesses that have a large number of transactions. The sage 200 Sales and Purchase Ledger is the tool to guarantee successful cash flow and credit management.

Sage 200 Financials is a key component of the fully integrated accountancy software system, providing you with the tools you need to successfully run your business accountancy.