Sage 200 Reporting

Sage Business Intelligence enables rapid

production of reports and insights

Sage 200 Business Intelligence enables your organisation to work smarter with accounts data. When combined with Financials, Commercials, and CRM.

Sage 200 Business Intelligence collates data from your everyday business activities and outputs actionable data for key performance indications and reporting back to the board. While it is worth keeping in mind Business Intelligence is only available with an on premise solution and not with the Sage 200 Online edition. 

Sage 200 Business Intelligence helps you keep on top of performance

Sage 200 Business Intelligence gives your business the opportunity to work on a prevention and opportunist basis by quickly identifying trends and keeping on top of business performance by running what if scenarios, rather than leaving it late to take advantage of business opportunities. Sage 200 Business Intelligence ensures you identify trends, investigate anomalies and make informed business decisions at timely intervals.

Sage 200 Business Intelligence Overview

  • Gain increased visibility of your business through powerful analytic tools on your desktop
  • BI is an Excel add-in that uses pivot table technology - a familiar platform
  • Pinpoint exceptions and anomalies in your business
  • Get a better, more complete view of your financial situation
  • Model the implications of an investment, and identify ways to build greater competitive advantage
  • Extract real intelligence from the data that accumulates in your business every day
  • Identify trends and patterns in your data and gain a better understanding of your business
  • Simply, quickly, and easily build and amend dynamically refreshed reports that let you drill through to transactional data to give you a complete picture of what's going on
  • Now with improved Business Intelligence capabilities for our Project Accounting module; see your sales revenue; review your cash position and keep track of projects and sales

Furthermore, this Sage 200 module is easily accessible by everyone as it requires no technical knowledge and uses easy to understand terminology. So whether you are a regular on the golf course, hopping from business meeting to meeting, or a daily user of the accounts package, Sage 200 BI will deliver decipherable key data.

Sage 200 Reporting 

Aside from Business Intelligence, Sage 200 includes over 400 reports out of the box that are designed to help you work smarter and more effectively. 

Sage 200 Business Intelligence Demo

If you would like to arrange a demo of Sage 200 Business Intelligence, contact Oakley on 01268 724005 or fill out our form here.