Sage 50 Vs Sage 200

Sage 50 Vs Sage 200

the things you need to know

Sage 50 Accounts is one of the leading small business accounting solutions available on the market and while it is the perfect solution for a startup business there is a limit to its capabilities.

Each business has different requirements and at Oakley we will not tell you that everyone has to move up from Sage 50 Accounts or a small business accounting software if there is no justification for the move, however once your business is reaching the point of adapting it is not advisable to stunt any potential growth. 

The important thing to understand is the potential pitfalls of Sage 50 Accounts and small business accounting software that can seriously impact the stability of your business. We have a document called our Sage 50 health check and this lists the top 5 challenges Sage 50 and small business accounting software often imposes on businesses.

These range from items such as the system speed slowing, lack of tiered nominal ledgers for reporting, too many users, lack of audit trails, open and close periods for accounting and too many transactions being put through the system.

For additional information you may find our blog article Sage 50 vs Sage 200 an interesting read.

We are always keen to discuss any problems you may be facing with Sage 50 and whether a superior business management solution such as Sage 200 or Sage 300 may be better suited. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our team today.