Sage 300 Project and Job Costing

Take control of projects

with Project & Job Costing

Take control of managing projects with Project and Job Costing in Sage 300 and make full use of the time and materials system.

Experience all the tools required to manage the most simple through to the more complex contract or job. When it comes to estimating, tracking, costing, and billing of projects the tools are available to make this process simple and manageable and most important of all help you control costs and with planning. 

Measure project success by using the tools to determine the performance either against other projects or identify any potential issues to deliver an overall project success. 

Project and Job Costing Features

  • Within each contract you can assign staff, material, subcontractors, equipment, miscellaneous items, and overheads.
  • Create complex estimates by specifying the quantity, unit cost, and billing rate individually for each category such as staff, material, equipment. Then you can assign cost categories and automatically, calculate cost and revenue estimates per cost category, or simply define the cost and revenue estimates for each project category.
  • Contracts and Jobs can be managed through 3 phases—contract (job), project (phase), and category.
  • Choose from three different project types—time and materials, cost plus, and fixed price.
  • Utilise multiple contracts or jobs per customer for better control.
  • Use as many as five segments in your contract numbers to represent types of contracts and divisions.
  • Easily navigate through the projects and categories within the contract using the optional tree view.