Sage 300 Reporting

Providing valuable Intelligence

to monitor performance

Turn 3 days reporting into 3 clicks with Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting

Over recent years Business Intelligence has changed the way we work and the overall visibility we can glean from our finances. This is no different in Sage 300 with the powerful Intelligence Reporting module set. 

Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting empowers your organisation to quickly and easily obtain the information needed to improve operations and reporting across your organisation. You can quickly drill down into your company financials and paint a true picture of how well you're business is performing. 

With the familiar look of Microsoft Excel, create real time automated and accurate reports that are not just pretty to look at but actually provide meaningful and actionable information.

Top 5 Benefits of Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting

  • Actively respond to trends with a sophisticated customisable dashboard
  • Empower staff with meaningful information at their fingertips
  • Range of in depth reporting for financial, operational, customer and vendor
  • Improve workflow and speed up business processes
  • Re-allocate staff by enabling them to work smart and not have to perform counterproductive and tedious reporting tasks

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