Sage 300 Stock

From Order Entry through to Purchase Order

Sage 300 has you covered

Sage 300 has all the tools to handle stock with inventory control, order entry and purchase order. Take a closer look at the features of these modules below. 

Sage 300 Inventory Control

Sage 300 Inventory Control handles inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments. Take control with the comprehensive multi-location inventory tracking software and management solution.

  • Track Inventory as it moves through the enterprise and handle even the most complex processes.
  • Utilise real time information to make better informed strategic decisions.  
  • Handle fractional quantities to four decimal places and utilise varying units of measure for purchasing, selling, and stock

Sage 300 Order Entry

Keep up-to-date with customer accounts, inventory levels and purchase history with Sage 300 Order Entry. Real time availability of key information and integration between front and back office applications enables you to maximise resources and improve cashflow.

  • Enter orders into the system quickly to exploit up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Attach multiple orders to a single shipment and include multiple shipments on one invoice
  • Find customer pricing information based on contract price, item base price, or discounted or marked-up sales prices.
  • Review customer and inventory sales history.

Sage 300 Purchase Order

Sage 300 Purchase Order integrates seamlessly with Accounts Payable, Inventory Control and Order Entry to envision efficiency and maximise ROI.

  • Track supplier orders to ensure you are getting the best price and service.
  • Automated updates to active, standing and future purchase orders.
  • Integrate multiple purchase orders into a single receipt and place multiple receipts on a single invoice.
  • Multiple costing methods to suit your preferences, including Most Recent Cost, Standard Cost, Average Cost, Supplier Cost, and Last Unit Cost.
  • Produce purchase orders from Inventory Control reorder information or from Order Entry orders automatically.