Sage CRM Benefits by Department

Discover how everyone can

benefit with Sage CRM

Sage CRM should be the Google for your organisation. The first place you look to find the answer.  

Sage CRM for Sales

  • Maximise overall sales performance with sophisticated tools to find key information quickly and easily.
  • Deliver Sales reports to keep your team in the loop with performance.
  • Manage teams and schedule calls and meetings using Sage CRM software.
  • Structure the sales process to suit the way you operate.
  • Keep on top of your sales cycle by tracking leads from first contact to final sale and concentrate on those deals most likely to close.
  • Synchronise Sales and Marketing efforts to keep information in the Sage CRM system and actively monitor and track Marketing and Sales Communications.

Sage CRM for Marketing

  • Sage CRM Marketing enables you to set up full marketing campaigns and track ROI.
  • Create Marketing reports for business insight into campaign performance.
  • Link leads and customer communications to campaign activity through the Sage CRM system.
  • Get real time information into the success of your marketing campaigns by tracking them from initial lead generation right through to close.
  • Qualify leads into your chosen criteria for follow up, prioritise your leads to ensure that a lead never gets lost or goes cold. Merge documents with target lists for mass mail outs.

Sage CRM for Customer Care

  • Keep a full history of customer interactions through the Sage CRM system against a customer contact file.
  • Provide multiple channels to your customers by offering web access to a customer portal to raise support queries and view status of reports.
  • View and measure call turnaround time and understand support requirements by each customer.
  • Gather and store key information on customers to provide a better service.
  • Ensure your staff have the resources they need to carry out their role with satisfaction and provision success.

Sage CRM when integrated with Sage Accounts software provides even more benefits as it can link up powerful financial information across your business departments, discover here.