Remedies for Logistics

Based organisations

Logistics firms require an ERP solution to be the foundations of your business, which you can depend on to assist with your company wide objectives of boosting agility, speed and competitiveness.

With Sage 300 ERP you can depend on a global brand to deliver to your requirements, giving you justification in the change management processes you are set to undertake.


Sage 300 ERP Software for Logistics

Sage 300 ERP is comprised of a range of powerful financial and commercial tools, customer relationship management and Business Intelligence. What makes Sage 300 the solution to choose is the range of multi-national compliancy for multi-currency and multi-consolidations for the international business.

We have helped deliver Sage ERP solutions to a number of logistics based organisations ranging from Procar International, Transglobal Projects, through to the soy sauce manufacturer Kikkoman.

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