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running Projects

There are two main variables to the overall success of a Project ERP Implementation. The first is selecting the right partner that your business can work with. The second is choosing the right business management software that will fulfil your Project requirements.  Both are just as important as the other and place you in the best place for growth.

Organisations that are running projects require an intuitive and reliable ERP solution that is recognised and established. Having been providing our ERP solutions to project based companies, we have experience in how to configure and set up the system to your requirements. But not only that we have a support network that is on hand to keep your organisation up and running, a team of dedicated consultants to provide training and our technical director to help set up your implementation either with your servers or via our Private Cloud.

Everything is under one roof at Oakuity, one of the leading Sage Business Partners serving businesses from Essex, London to Australia.

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