Jeffreys Henry

Working with Clients as a

Partner in ERP

Sage 300 in partnership with Oakley delivers on key requirements for a leading accounting firm Jeffreys Henry. 

Established for over 130 years, Jeffreys Henry LLP is a top 100, award-winning provider of accountancy, audit, tax and advisory services with the added advantage of international exposure through JHI.

Sage 300 enables Jeffreys Henry to handle the international accounting requirements of a leading large multi-national high street chain.


“We had two weeks to get Sage 300 up and running as that was our deadline. Oakley completely pulled it out of the bag”.

“From time to time I do smile to myself and look at what we have achieved with Sage 300 and truly believe that it is outstanding what we have created”.

“The system itself is incredibly advanced, it only looks like a word document but it is incredible what it achieves”.

 B. Wydmanski, Jeffreys Henry